10 Daily Pandemic Reminders

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Thank you for visiting our site and joining the #Gratitudegame.


Joining is simple.


  1. Use a template (below) to daily post 3 things that you are grateful for. Be specific! 

  2. Tag 3 friends to keep it going! 

  3. Use the hashtag #Gratitudegame and #womendontdothat so we can all follow along.

  4. Involve the whole family! This is a great practice for kids too! 

  5. Encourage your friends to join by sharing the link to this page! Link: https://www.womendontdothat.com/gratitudegame  

Sample message:

It's been a difficult time, spread some joy! Join me by daily posting 3 things you are grateful for, tag some friends and get the family involved. Use the hashtags #gratitudegame and #womendontdothat. Templates and more details are available at https://www.womendontdothat.com/gratitudegame

Please join us and help us spread positive messages of gratitude during #covid-19! We hope it will bring joy to you and those around you during this difficult time. And we all know we need joy right now! 

Thank you for helping us spread gratitude, #gratitudegame!


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