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A Glimpse Behind the Curtain: The Realities of a Working Mom in Leadership

This week felt like a whirlwind.

As a bustling working mom, entrepreneur, and the force behind multiple brands, my days are usually packed. Despite the chaos, one aspect I cherish in our lives is the independence my husband and I share. We're adept at juggling home, kids, and schedules single-handedly when necessary. My husband's frequent work trips are a norm for us, and I've historically managed well in his absence.

However, this week was different.

Work was unusually demanding, filled with critical deadlines and some commitments that stretched into the evenings. To add to the mix, my dog underwent surgery over the weekend, requiring constant care akin to that for a baby—feeding, hydration, and physio exercise. This alone complicated routines, especially when taking the kids to their activities meant either having someone at home or hiring help for the dog.

Complications escalated with one child suffering two accidents in a week, resulting in a mild concussion, while another battled a cold alongside a suspected case of transient synovitis, causing pain during simple actions like dressing or walking. Naturally, this meant more medical appointments and care. And less helpful hands to make the household function! 

Amidst this chaos, I awaited an X-ray appointment with one daughter, feeling anything but in control.

I've forewarned my husband: he's returning to a weary, grumpy, and overwhelmed wife. The bulk of my fatigue stems from sleepless nights attending to the dog and checking on my concussed child. My chronic migraines also chose this week to flare up, as if the stress were conspiring against my wellbeing. With some selfcare tactics and medications I was able to keep them at bay. This week, eating out became a necessity, as was unavoidably missing some important meetings.

My relief at my husband's return today is immense. I'm grateful for the support network of friends who've borne with my complaints, my mom who listened to me cry, those who've offered help, and those who stepped up when asked—alongside my professional team for their support. 

Fortunately, not every week unfolds like this.

The weekend beckons with a laundry list of catch-up tasks, from household chores to work. Yet, I'm committed to prioritizing moments of rest for my physical and mental health, cherishing moments with my kids, and creating memories. Starting with Easter egg decorations is our plan for today.

This share isn't a bid for sympathy or to overshadow others' struggles, which I know can be far greater. It's about transparency in the face of adversity, particularly for women in leadership. Admitting to our imperfections and challenges is crucial; it dispels the myth of unattainable perfection and reassures others that they're not alone in their struggles. 

My Easter weekend will be filled with spiritual reflection, quality family time, rest, and recuperation, all while juggling the inevitable demands of work—an entrepreneur's reality. I'm gearing up to greet the upcoming week with renewed vigor. I hope you find joy in moments spent with loved ones, enjoy rest and relaxation, and share plenty of laughter. Life is a rollercoaster of busy highs and challenging lows, but remember, you've got this!

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