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Who Takes Their Kids to Las Vegas? We Did!

This March break, our family chose Las Vegas for our vacation, a decision that surprised many. Opting for a destination known more for its adult entertainment, we were met with bewildered expressions and curious comments. However, our experience was nothing short of fabulous, proving Las Vegas can indeed be a fantastic choice for families seeking adventure.

Why Las Vegas?

With the goal of utilizing my husband's flight points affordably, we were torn between New York and Florida, both of which we'd visited previously with our children. Having been to Las Vegas before, just the two of us, this time we decided to bring our kids along, aged 10 and 13, ready for new explorations.

A Family-Friendly Experience? Absolutely!

Our trip was a resounding yes to the question of Las Vegas' suitability for kids. Our children, well into their education on various life topics, were at the perfect ages to enjoy the city's vibrant offerings, stay up a bit later, and engage in both adult and kid-friendly activities. Plus, they handled the time change like champs, even with daylight savings time adding to the mix.

Our Vegas Itinerary: Far From Scandalous

A breathtaking visit to the Grand Canyon

Marveling at a magic show

Experiencing the awe of Cirque du Soleil

Zip-lining over the Grand Canyon (which I personally skipped)

Touring the Hoover Dam

Enjoying the Bellagio fountain show

Indulging in some window shopping

Exploring the grandeur of various hotels

Visiting the Museum of Illusions

Teachable Moments

This trip served as an invaluable series of teachable moments. We discussed expectations beforehand, including safety tips and the reality of issues like trafficking, which, unfortunately, is not exclusive to Vegas. Encouraging open conversation, we also seized the opportunity to educate our kids on navigating travel independently, empowering them to lead us through the airport.

Parenting Philosophy: Raising Future Adults

I view parenting as a journey to raise intelligent, compassionate future adults. This trip was a testament to that belief, offering countless opportunities to teach, empower, and enable our girls to grow into empathetic, smart individuals.

Creating Lasting Memories

Above all, we cherished making fun, unforgettable memories as a family. Contrary to what some might think, our Vegas trip was devoid of any inappropriate shows or activities like nightclubs. Yes, they encountered some risqué outfits and observed both intoxicated individuals and people gambling. These were all teachable moments, many of which were not new to them. Despite this, our overall experience was overwhelmingly positive and enjoyable.

If you ask our girls, their standout moment was undeniably the excitement of being rescued during their first zip-lining experience over the Grand Canyon. Interestingly, it was also the first time this particular staff had to conduct a rescue.

Would We Do It Again?

While we likely won't revisit Vegas, as we're always looking for new experiences, I recommend it to families with the right approach to open dialogues and a thirst for adventure. Las Vegas is a treasure trove of memories waiting to be made.

What’s Next & Taking Time Off

Where should we go next? 

P.S. Related to our trip, I recently shared insights on taking time off work on the WOMENdontDOthat podcast, offering tips on how to genuinely disconnect and enjoy your break. Tune in to find valuable advice for your next getaway. Find the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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