What is WOMENdontDOthat?

Are you a woman who wants to learn from the stories and experiences of other women? Do you want advice on how to overcome barriers to personal and professional success? You're in the right place. WDDT is a forum (through a podcast and blog) for women to learn from and grow with each other. And it is a safe space for dissenting voices. We don’t always have to agree, so long as we respect each other.

You can expect a by-weekly podcasts where we interview women who are change-makers and risk-takers. We offer career and relationship advice, and tackle themes such as modern family life, feminism, faith, self-care and ambition. Have a listen and get inspired to do whatever it is you think you can't do.

We welcome you to join the conversation and comment on the blog or podcast. We look forward to getting to know you!


I like to think I’m brave, resilient and wise. I hope that’s true. Some days I am more accurately described as controlling, flaky and opinionated. I’m working on it.

I graduated from Carleton University in 2007 with a double major in journalism and political science. Strategic communications has been my career path ever since; there are few things I enjoy more than writing something meaningful. I am also a certified coach and speaker with the John Maxwell International Certification Program.

Presently, I practice my coaching skills on my husband of 12 years and my oldest son who turned six this fall. My youngest boy is under one (which means I’m on maternity leave from my job as a government relations specialist at the University of Manitoba), and my would-be-three-year-old son is in Heaven with Jesus.

All the joys and tragedies of my life have taught me that nothing is a better guide than love. Put love in front of you – make her your north star – and she will anchor your choices in grace and truth. I also believe in the healing powers of yoga, books and chocolate – and some days online shopping. I’m working on it.



What makes me tick? I like to solve problems and help people. I have an advocate’s heart and I enjoy helping the underdog.


Who am I? An experienced and versatile leader, a public relations professional, mother, wife, book lover and political junkie. I am the Principle and Founder of Beacon North Strategies (a public affairs consulting firm), a Government Relations Advisor at Children First Canada, and the Co-Founder of WOMENdontDOthat. I like to dive into new adventures and one year I quit my job, ran for federal political office, and lost! I am involved in my church community and I love to sing.


I have a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management from Carleton University and a master’s in International Public Policy from Wilfrid Laurier University.


I am passionate about supporting and mentoring women, including my young daughters (they are not bossy, they have executive leadership skills!). When I was young, people told me I was bossy and I talked too much, now it pays the bills!  


I am known to tackle tasks and challenges with great drive, creativity and energy; I LOVE results AND efficiency. Through WOMENdontDOthat, I want to help women find efficiencies and empowerment for their lives. Life has taught me that the most important thing you can do is invest in people.



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