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What is WOMENdontDOthat?

Are you a woman who wants to learn from the stories and experiences of other women?


Do you want advice on how to overcome barriers to personal and professional success? 

WOMENdontDOthat is a platform, podcast & blog, dedicated to empowering women. We provide inspiration, knowledge, and practical skills to help women redefine their boundaries and unleash their full potential.

Join our community dedicated to creating role models and inspiring change. 'WOMENdontDOthat' is your hub for turning 'what ifs' into 'lets go.' Are you ready to redefine your possible? Let's get started, read here, listen here. 

We look forward to getting to know you!

How we got started

WOMENdontDOthat was co-founded by current host Stephanie Mitton and Myrrhanda Novak at a kitchen table in Winnipeg Manitoba, after Stephanie made a failed attempt to enter federal politics. It was launched in December 2018, starting with a blog and following with the podcast in March 2019. 

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Co-founder & Host  

Who Am I?
I'm a small-town girl turned CEO, navigating the complexities of career, motherhood, ADHD, and chronic migraines. At my core, I'm driven by a passion for solving problems and advocating for the underdog. My journey has shaped me into a mentor, a strategic problem solver, and, increasingly, a serial entrepreneur.


Professional Pathway:
As the CEO and Founder of Beacon North Strategies, a boutique public affairs consulting firm, I leverage my expertise to influence and innovate within the sector. I'm also the Co-Founder and Host of "NextGen: Shaping the Future of Public Affairs Today," a national event dedicated to the professional development of public affairs professionals, and "WOMENdontDOthat," a platform aimed at empowering women. My academic foundation includes a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management from Carleton University and a Master's in International Public Policy from Wilfrid Laurier University.


Beyond the Boardroom:
I'm a mother and wife, an avid learner, a lake enthusiast, and a political aficionado. My appetite for risk has led me to embrace new adventures, including a bold run for nomination for federal political office.


Driving Force & Vision:

My passion lies in supporting and mentoring women, a commitment that extends from my personal life, including my daughters, to my professional endeavors. I'm dedicated to redefining boundaries and unleashing potential, harnessing my voice and leadership skills—qualities that were once misinterpreted as 'bossiness'—to make a meaningful difference. This belief is the cornerstone of my work with WOMENdontDOthat, where I aim to empower women with the inspiration, knowledge, and skills to transform their lives and careers.


Life’s greatest lesson has been that the most impactful investment we can make is in people, a principle that guides everything I do.

About: Inner_about
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