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5 simple steps to overcome your overwhelm

I know a lot of you are feeling tired and overwhelmed. Over the last few weeks, I have been feeling the same way; especially since I’m heading into a busy fall season. I also know that many of you are not working through easy situations, and the issues you face feel hard and overbearing–because they are. And while I don’t have a silver bullet, I can share what has been helping me feel more prepared for my next season.

Here are my 5 simple steps to overcome your overwhelm:

  1. Call a friend who cares about you and loves you. I dished it out with a friend recently who really encouraged me and even shared how she can help support my efforts. Getting off the phone I felt a bit better, and with some ideas for next steps.

  2. Take time to think and write down all of the things in your head that are overwhelming you. Then figure out what needs to be done now, what can be done later, what isn’t important at all, and what can be done by someone else (see #4).

  3. Schedule. I like to take all the things I think I need to get done and figure out when I will do them. This will help you see if your expectations are reasonable about when you can complete each task and gives you clarity on your next steps.

  4. Ask for help. If any of your tasks can be done by someone else, seek help (especially if you need them done pronto). Consider if a partner, parent, best friend or support service can help you. If you have the means, automating services like groceries or outsourcing tasks like cleaning may be an option.

  5. Take the next right step. Sometimes just getting started can feel overwhelming. I promise that Steps 2 and 3 won’t take long. Once you’ve gotten that clarity, you will feel ready to do the first thing on your list that needs to be done. If you’re still struggling, go back to Steps 1 and 4 to get the support you need–whether that be emotional encouragement or taking something off your plate.

It may not be easy, but to move forward you need to take action.

As Libby Ward (the Honest Mom) shares in episode 82 of the podcast, “we are not alone, a lot of us are hot messes and a lot of us have stuff to work on.” Get the episode here or search where you listen.

What else would you add to this list?

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