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I appreciate you

I can’t wait for 2023. But before I welcome in the New Year, I want to take a moment to say thank you! I know you have very little extra time in your life. Thank you for using some of that precious time to read my blog, listen to the podcast, or follow me on social media. I could not do this work without all of you joining in and cheering me along! I have grown through this experience personally and professionally and I hope you have too.

WOMENdontDOthat began after I tried my hand at politics (and lost to a man) and a desire to encourage women to do whatever it is they think they can’t do. Engaging with you through my passion project has truly been a joy in my life, something that has helped me through challenging moments in my personal life, the pandemic, and my health.

I hope that you have a joyous holiday season. This season can be magical, it can be exhausting, and it can be stressful. My hope for you is that you can be present, take some time to reflect and relax, and say no if you need to. I personally can’t handle life and Christmas at the same time, so I am taking a break from the podcast and blog until into the New Year. This is your permission to put some things on pause too. So cheers to this past year, your trials, your wins, and all that you have learned and overcome in 2022. You did great! I can’t wait to step into 2023 with you!

Thank you, XOXO,


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