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Motherhood is not a one size fits most scenario

Are you wishing the toddler/baby stage away? Does everyone tell you, “those years go so fast” and “you will long for them in the future”? Does this drive you crazy because it makes you feel like something must be wrong with you for not loving every single minute with your baby?!?

The truth is: maybe you will miss those days and maybe you won't. And most importantly, both of those scenarios are okay–often at the same time.

My kids are 9 and 11, and when I look back at those years, I don’t want them back, and I don’t miss them and that’s okay. Will that change as my kids get older? Likely not, but maybe, and that’s okay too. Motherhood is not a one size fits all scenario. Just because someone else experiences motherhood a certain way doesn't mean you need to.

I like kids, but am I obsessed with babies and toddlers? No! I like them. When I was a young teen, volunteering at the church nursery was a right of passage. I thought it was okay, but one of my cousins loved it. I wondered why I didn't and if something was wrong with me. Now as a Mom, I realize that I can love my kids, but also think the idea of staying home full time with them or having a van full of kids is out of the question. Side note: I had a van for a while and now that my kids are older, I have a Mini Cooper!

The younger years with my kids were fine. There were lots of challenging and beautiful moments, but I just don’t miss those days and I don’t want them back. Let’s face it, babies are not great conversationalists.

But I am loving the ages of my kids now. We read books at Starbucks together, play mad libs, swim and discuss politics. I really enjoy their company.

If you are in the younger years and struggling, it’s hard because it is hard. If you hate it, that's okay. You are a good mom. You can love your kid and hate the daily grind and monotony of parenthood. I hope it gets easier for you like it did for me. And if you want to wish those years away you are DEFINITELY not alone.

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill

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