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Welcome to WOMENdontDOthat

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

by Myrrhanda Novak and Stephanie Mitton

Has anyone ever told you what a woman is or what a woman does or does not do? Yes, of course they have. Do you ever make decisions in your life based on gender? Of course you do. Whether it’s “I stay home because I’m the mom,” or “I wear a white dress and you wear a suit,” or “You fix the car and I fix dinner,” gender bias is still prevalent throughout our modern world often without our complete awareness of its impact.

Whatever you believe about what it means to be a woman, WOMENdontDOthat (WDDT) is for you. WDDT is a forum (through a podcast and blog) for women to learn from and grow with each other. It’s a place to share wisdom and stories and empower one another to travel our own path. And it is a safe space for dissenting voices. We don’t have to agree, in fact we hope we don’t, so long as we respect each other. We’re eager to offer such a forum and to engage with you as we learn together.

You can expect weekly podcasts (launching later this year) where we interview women who are change-makers and risk-takers and then reflect on our meaningful conversations. We’ll tackle themes such as modern family life, feminism, faith, health and career ambitions.

Throughout the week, related blog content will be shared on our website. Please comment and share with your circle. Let’s make this a conversation, because women’s empowerment is still an important conversation today.

Whether we’re looking at pay equity or barriers facing women in politics or the struggle many women face to establish a truly equal partnership in the home, the unfortunate reality is that sexism is alive and well. At the same time, we want to celebrate our progress and remarkable success stories. Let’s amplify each other’s voices and encourage greater growth and progress.

Subscribe and join the conversation. We look forward to getting to know you!

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