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2022 WOMENdontDOthat podcast list

We had so many amazing podcast guests in 2021! And we are excited to launch our 2022 podcast list of their recommendations. I will DEFINITELY be listening to some of these!

If you’ve missed an episode be sure to check it out (see link below or search where you listen). Remember to subscribe to the WOMENdontDOthat podcast wherever you listen to never miss an episode.

2022 WOMENdontDOthat podcast list:


The BizChix

Entrepreneurs on Fire

How I bBilt This

Fearless Women

Getting things done one connection at a time with Catherine Landry Ep. 85

The Genius Life

How to keep your kids safe on social with Kristi McVee Ep. 84

The Read

How to rock your performance review with Kelsea Cozad, Ep. 83

Dare to lead by Brené Brown (only on spotify)

Advice from a recovering perfectionist with Libby Ward Ep. 82

Pod Save the World

Moving the dial with Sara Elder-Chamanara Ep. 79

The Brendon Show, Brendon Burchard

Working mom life and growing your business with Kelly Sinclair Ep. 78

Seven Truths, Tanya Talaga

Finding and using your microphone with Canadian icon Marci Ien Ep. 76


The future of work with twitter’s Michele Austin Ep. 73

Connie Walker - Finding Cleo

Crime Beat

Scoring in life with professional hockey player Brooke Staey Ep. 72

What podcasts would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Listening!

P.S. Get the 2022 book list here.

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