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Guest-Selected Podcasts for Career-Driven Women: 2022 Edition

We had so many amazing podcast guests in 2022! And we are excited to launch our 2022 podcast list inspired by their recommendations. I will DEFINITELY be listening to some of these!

If you’ve missed an episode be sure to check it out, subscribe to the WOMENdontDOthat podcast wherever you listen to never miss an episode.

2022 WOMENdontDOthat podcast list:

First Draft: A Dialogue on Writing by Mitzi Rapkin

Dr. Death

Unlimited Possibilities with Barbara Cook

The Daily

Front burner


Lessons Learned

We Can Do Hard Things

Women at Work

Jesus and Jollof

Pod Save America

The Strategists


Kara Swisher

That Sounds Fun

Canadian True Crime

The Trevor Noah Podcast

Stolen Season 2: Surviving St. Michael's

Impact Therapy, The GaryVee Audio Experience

Goal Digger podcast

The Skinny Confidential

Dare to Lead & Unlocking Us, by Brene Brown


When Women Win

Super Soul Sunday

What podcasts would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

Happy listening!

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