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How to share your message

We have been talking a lot at WOMENdontDOthat about how you can and should raise your voice and tell your story. That your voice matters, your unique experiences are important, and that someone needs to hear them, and that the time to get started and stop thinking about it is now.

In Episode 115, I talk to Priya Sam about Turning Points. A former national news anchor and morning show host, today she is a podcaster, consultant, and keynote speaker. We dive into the importance of storytelling and how to get started telling your own story.

In Episode 117, How to tell your own story with Founder of TA Speakers Management, Tami Adams, we talk about the importance of women telling their stories, and how you can do it too. Or maybe you are already a speaker, we also discuss how you can level up! Get these podcast episodes and more wherever you like to listen to podcasts or get it here.

Additionally, I wrote a blog post called, 4 tips to start your writing journey. You can read it here. The blog post is about finding the time to prioritize your writing and help you get started. When co-founder of WOMENdontDOthat Myrrhanda Novak edited the post, she smartly provided feedback that I had not shared HOW you can share your ideas. So today, we are going to do just that.

I want to get your creative juices flowing, since HOW you choose to share your ideas may look very different and should be unique to your own talents and skills. We are going to explore 3 ways you can share your voice; speaking, writing, and creating.


  • Podcasting

  • Moderating

  • Keynoting

  • Social media

  • Traditional media


  • Blogs

  • Books

  • Social media

  • Articles for magazines, websites, or traditional media


  • Graphic design

  • Art

  • Singing

  • Photography

The ideas are endless, this list is not exhaustive, but I hope it helps you get your creative juices flowing about HOW you can get started.

I want to leave you with a challenge, this week take ONE step towards sharing your message. Write it down, and within the next two weeks action it!

“You have a story that can help others, you just need to figure out what it is.”

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Suzie Fortin
Suzie Fortin
16 de nov. de 2022

I LOVE this idea! i have started a book a few years ago but more and more I feel the urge to share my story! I just read « Chasing Freedom: My story of service » from another military spouse and it was a great book where I felt so understood in some aspects but I also have a different perspective on other aspects.

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